What comes to mind when you first smell the rich
heady scent of coffee in the morning?

Is there a nostalgia that kicks into your emotional sense of self. Nostalgia for a time of smelling the coffee your parents drank religiously every morning? Now with the rich incredibly heady aroma of Fat Jack’s Coffee, you will make your own memories. Any time of the day Fat Jack’s fresh roasted coffee will provide you with a delectable memory with every sip.
Fat Jack’s Coffee releases its incredible taste and aroma to you exclusively when roasted upon your order. Sitting around on a shelf waiting for shipment is not for Fat Jack’s Coffee. You get the full benefit of roast upon order and immediate shipment bringing to you the full-bodied flavor and aroma of Fat Jack’s Coffee, exceptional in the coffee business, just for you.

Fat Jack’s Coffee is about much more than exceptional coffee.

With a diversity not found on other online coffee sites, you will see much more than the complimentary products to excellent coffee such as tea and baked goods. You will find interviews with interesting, inspiring people, gifts beyond the typical in ‘Fat Jack’s Treasures’: one of a kind artisan gifts and vintage products and art, and ‘Good Reads’; books for all ages that enlighten and entertain.

Our Favorites for Spring 2022

Black Coffee Extra Bold

Black Coffee Bold

Black Coffee Decaf


Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

"We believe the best way to brew the perfect cup of coffee is with a French Press. Coarsely grind 8 tablespoons of beans and place at the bottom of the press. Boil your water and fill the press halfway and wait about 60 seconds. Then fill the press to the top, place the lid on the press and wait another 3 minutes. Once the timer rings, push the plunger down and pour. Can you taste the perfection?"
— Fat Jack