Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator
Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator

Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator

FJ: What is your background?
Aazam: I hold a Masters in Art Education and certifications in Art and healing (UCLA Integrative Medicine), Therapeutic Imagery, and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (HMI School of Hypnosis).

“Creative process has always been part of my life.” It was what I relied on when dwelling in the dark hole of depression; it pulled me back to safety and seeing the sun shining brighter than ever before.

FJ: What is your work trying to say?
Aazam: My mission is to bring more beauty and joy to this world and those around me. That is precisely the reason I paint/create—this is my way to feed my soul, be happier, and engage in things that are more fulfilling in life.

I learned the hard way; that is why I am doing what I do, trying to empower other women to listen to their hearts.

So I guess what I’m saying is, “life is too short, do not forget to put yourself on your list.”

FJ: Who are your biggest influences?
Aazam: My most significant influence in life was my mom. It was her who, at the end of her life, taught me the biggest lesson of my life. It was her who brought to my attention how I was following the same path—putting everyone’s wants and needs ahead of my own, forgetting myself in the process. It was that recognition and feeling that I could not do anything about it that pushed me into the dark hole of depression—and then I recognized that I CAN do something about it, because, unlike her, I was still alive. I did not want to sit on my deathbed and regret the things I put off because others’ needs and wants took precedent over mine.

By this time, my cup was so empty that I could not even spare a tiny drop to anyone else.

Artistically, I love the work of O’Keeffe, Sam Francis, Kandinsky, Chagall, and contemporary artist and founder of Fussionart, Rassouli. Their work has been created from a spiritual place, and that is why I resonate with them. Viewing any of their pieces takes me to a different place and moves something in me that is heartwarming and feels just right. That is the feeling I want my viewers to get when looking at my art—I want to touch their hearts and soul.

FJ: Why do you create? What need does it satisfy?
Aazam: It is a necessity for me—this is where I feel whole—this is where going to connect to my inner wisdom, my soul, and the world that is beyond this one. It is my place of calm—the place where I connect with the divine and the source of creation.

FJ: How is your personality reflected in your work?
Aazam: (Answered above and below)

FJ: Where do your ideas come from?
Aazam: I start every piece at a place of not knowing. The point is to enjoy the process, let go of expectations, and allow things to unfold. I set my intention of creating beauty and wanting to touch the soul and heart of my viewers—and will enable the process guide me—one color leading to another, one stroke to the next, and the future. I also stopped using brushes and use my hands to paint—This allows the creative energy to dance through me and onto the canvas.

FJ: How do you know when a piece is done?  
Aazam: I’m a trained artist in the traditional sense and familiar with the elements and principles of the arts and design. So, besides being in the zone and silencing the critical voice, in the end, I have to look at the piece and critique it against the rules of the profession I’ve studied—making sure these rules are implemented in the piece.

Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator
Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator
Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator
Aazam Irilian, Transformation Coach, Artist and Educator

FJ: Which current art trends are you following?
Aazam: (Answered above and below)

FJ: What materials do you use?
Aazam: I mostly use Acrylic inks, fabric dye, and oil paints.

FJ: What is next for you? What are you working on now?
Aazam: Just keep up going. My book is almost ready to go into the editing process and hopefully be out early next year, if not sooner. And keep painting and enjoying life—Life is too short, and I’m not looking for regrets.

FJ: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Aazam: To view my art they can visit aazamirilian.com or contact me at aazamirilian@healtheheart.com

FJ: Any last thoughts for our Fat Jack’s readers?  
Aazam: Love others and do what you can to help and support them, but don’t forget YOU in the process. Life is too short.

Aazam Irilian has been highlighted by the All Business Media FM Professionals Roundtable, SCV Elite Magazine, SCV Business Chamber Spotlight, and was voted The Signal’s Best Life Coach in Santa Clarita Valley. She has presented and

spoken at a variety of venues including the Expressive Arts and Drama Therapy Conference, 1Million Cups, and Life Forward sponsored by Zonta, an international women’s advocacy organization.

As an advocate of women’s empowerment and an active community member she has an ongoing collaboration with the SCV Domestic Violence Center, Single Mother Outreach and Circle of Hope. Her goal is to empower men and women to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals.

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