History of Tea

History of Tea

A Brief History of Tea Culture in Korea

Modern Korean tea culture dates back to a 2,000-year-old rich ceremonial tea heritage that has caught the devotion of tea drinkers, philosophers and poets. Tea-drinking in Korea focuses not only on the taste sensations but incorporates an accompanying appreciation of the purification of the mind, spirit, and body.

Excerpts from An Introduction to Korean Tea Culture By Seung-Hee Kam

“Modern Tea Culture in Korea” By Yeonok Kim

The History of Tea in Korea An Introduction to Korean Tea Culture (Issued by the Korean Education Institute of Tea Culture) By Seung Hee Kam

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Coffee 101, Part Three

Coffee101 Part Three

The Beans

The core component of any coffee is the coffee bean. DUH! But there are many varieties, grown at different elevations, in different soils and with the addition of cultivated or hybrid methods diversity seems unending. So, what is up with that?

Coffee cherries grow on trees and look like cherries. When they are bright red, sometimes purple depending on the type of coffee tree, they are ripe for the pickin’. The picking can be done with machines at lower elevations going down the rows of coffee trees shaking the coffee cherries loose. At higher elevations with steep slopes the picking is done by hand.

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Coffee 101, Part Two

Coffee101 Part Two

Coffee 101 - Acidity

ACID: Now what about acidity? There is a lot to say about acid in coffee hence it receives its very own singular position as Part 3 in Coffee 101.

Coffee beans have been found to have about 30 types of acids, many familiar such as those found in citric fruit, malic acid found in apples, and acetic acid found in vinegar. The primary acids in coffee are part of a group called chlorogenic acids and are largely responsible for flavor. These are actually antioxidants and beneficial.

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Coffee 101, Part One

Coffee 101 Part One

Coffee 101

That old cup o' joe. So, you think you know your coffee? Maybe you know what you like, and that is as far as your interest goes. But if you have a curious, questioning mind for a deeper understanding of the brew that opens your eyes every day, let’s explore.

Coffee is thought to be the result of a 10thcentury Ethiopian goat herder who noticed his goats became very energetic after eating berries off the coffee trees in the forest of the Ethiopian plateau. It was only a question of time before the energizing effects of coffee were recognized and exploited. By the 15thcentury coffee had made its debut on the Arabian Peninsula and became all the rage with coffee houses opening and coffee moving out of homes and into the commercial market place.

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A Good Read, What’s That Mean To You?

A Good Read, What’s That Mean For You?

Does it mean picking up a book?

Does it mean reading an ebook?
Does it mean listening to an audiobook?

Regardless of your choice of book formats where do you read?

Is it on the couch with your feet up and a cup of coffee or tea by your side?
Do you have a favorite chair where you can cozy up and sip tea or coffee as you read?
Is it on the beach under an umbrella listening to the surf roll in and out?
Is it in your backyard on a lounge chair?
Is it while you drive or even vacuum with earbuds in your ears?
Is it standing in line at the bank or post office?

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