Sally Betters, Children’s Author

FJ: When did you decide to become a writer?
SB: I began writing articles and blogs while caring for my elderly father. This season of life brought many ideas and ways to connect with people young and old.

FJ: What brought you to write this book?
SB: Children need healthy character-building stories with quality role models. Parents and grandparents have expressed their gratitude for my children’s books that provide insightful questions to engage children.

FJ: What interesting facts did you learn when writing your last book?
SB: I learned that both boys and girls are interested in stories about pets. I’ve watched children get drawn into my stories where an animal faces challenges. This storyline brings out compassion and empathy in the child.

FJ: What are you trying to achieve with it?
SB: My objective in the poem-story picture book “Looking Beyond the Sky” and “Sarah’s Amazing Animal Adventures: A series of Children’s Stories about Character displayed through love and kindness” was to talk about overcoming challenges faced in life. It directs the reader to find safe and supportive people to talk with.

FJ: What got left out in the final draft?
SB: Actually, nothing. I was asked to write another series, but I’ve just finished my 15 book and I’m now launching an online course that provides life coaching for people who are stuck in old unproductive habits.

FJ: Where do your ideas come from?
SB: I was fortunate to serve as a Professional Tutor for several years, working with kids who struggled academically. I was also able to help the parents navigate the educational system to gain all that was available for their children.

FJ: What’s next for you? What are you working on now?
SB: I am currently working with women who are stuck in life and need clear and effective life coaching to move them to a place of strength and purpose.

FJ: Do you have any advice for authors on how to market their books?
SB: Yes, I encourage them to test the market for their specific brand by offering ebooks or blogs on the topics they want to write about.

FJ: What do you do to get book reviews?
SB: I ask people on social media who made a verified purchase of my books to write an honest review to assist other potential purchasers.

FJ: Which authors inspire you?
SB: Barbara M. Joose and Barbara Lavallee, Mama, Do you love me?
Robert Munsch, Love you Forever
D. Eastman, Are you my mother?
Dr. Seuss

FJ: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
SB: They can visit my website at SallyBetters.com

FJ: Any last thoughts for our Kid’s Paperback Book readers?
SB: Yes, they would be pleased to know each purchase of my books goes to an International organization that is fighting child sex trafficking.

Thank you Sally for taking the time to share your thoughts! Her books can be found on Amazon.

xoxo FJ

Veronica Miller, Mitra Coffee™

FJ: What lead you to create your company?
MC: I am from Brazil (a country responsible for 1/3 of all coffee in the world) and grew up going to my uncle’s farm. My family and I were always in nature, and we would have a big breakfast with freshly baked cake and milk recently extracted, still warm from the cow. The coffee fresh roasted was also a must on our table.

Then after graduating college, I was helping my ex-boyfriend with a project where I fell in love with the specialty coffee world. I learned everything I could, I attend workshops, and events and visit coffee producers and associations for a better understanding of the business.

FJ: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
MC: Several personality tests, a 3-month career coach program, and my manager's feedback stating I am “insubordinate”, that I took as a compliment.

Also, working at HNWI as an investment banker I’ve noticed that all the wealthiest and nicest clients were business owners

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Guinevere Eleanor, Baker – Cup Cakes Cafe

Guinevere Eleanor, Baker - Cupcakes CafeFJ: When did you decide on becoming an entrepreneur?
Guinevere: For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be my own boss.  It became a very strong want about10 years ago.

FJ: How did that decision come about?
Guinevere: I had tried several “Do From Home” businesses over the years but hated having to call upon friends and family to host a party and realized I loved baking and friends and family began asking me to bake for them.  I was laid off from a job and my husband and I decided it was as good a time as any to start my home bakery.

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Nancy Schier – Creative Director

Nancy Schier - Creative Director

Nancy Schier - Creative Director, Painted Monkeys

FJ: What lead you to create your company?
Nancy: I am a freelance designer and artist for over 27 years now. I use to work in fashion, stationery, Feature Animation, and video games. I loved being able to make my own hours and work from home, in the park, or a coffee shop. After having our kids I felt such guilt whenever I had a freelance job, I had to figure out how can I still work and be with my kids? But it had to be creative and artistic. I felt completely lost without finding a way to express myself.

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Mel Sellick – Author

Mel Sellick - Author

Mel Sellick - Author 

FJ: When did you decide to become a writer?
Mel: I began writing as soon as I could hold a pencil and haven’t stopped yet. I suppose writing has always been my closest companion… a confidante, a lover, an elixir to warm my bones in bleak times. It’s also probably the best form of therapy I’ve had.

I never leave the house without something to write on. I don’t want to miss those moments when my wild heart comes alive; she never gives a warning and leaves trails of light in her wake. Like all things of beauty, she’s fleeting. Capturing them on paper allows me to come home to myself again and again through the thought-pictures I am gifted.

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