SRD Straightening Reins – Non Profit

SRD Straightening Reins - Non Profit

About SRD Straightening Reins

FJ: How did you become involved with this organization?

SRD: I became involved with SRD~Straightening Reins after losing my 15-year-old daughter to suicide. There had to be something that was missing in our community to lose an amazing young lady like Samantha Jean Rocha-Dyer. Family, friends, and community members came together back in April 2011 to help brainstorm and eventually establish a ranch facility that provides equine-assisted psychotherapy and a safe, supervised place for youth to figure out their way- and their path.

FJ: How has it grown or changed over time?

SRD: SRD has grown and changed tremendously over the last eight years. Without a permanent home at this point, we have had to change locations three times. However, we continue to grow to be proactive with workshops to help before a crisis and providing services for youth that are struggling. In addition, we work with families that have a child coming out of the hospital on a 5150 Suicide hold, helping guide them and their children back into the community with services and a safe environment.

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Mar Preston – Author

Mar Preston - Author

About Mar's Mysteries

FJ: What interesting facts have you learned when writing your mysteries?

Mar: I had the pleasure of reading gossip magazines and calling it research. By Accident, currently with my publisher, is set in the Hollywood celebrity circles in Santa Monica, and follows on from six novels with Detective Dave Mason of the Santa Monica Police Department. Dave Mason and his activist girlfriend have me by the throat. I thought I’d written myself out with these characters and the Santa Monica setting. Not so.

FJ: What are you trying to achieve with your books?

Mar: Oh my gosh, I don’t have any soaring ambitions about changing the world with my writing. I try to sneak in observations about the way I see life and all its peculiarities, the things that amuse me, enrage me, perplex me. I write to entertain myself and other people.

FJ: What got left out in the final draft?

Mar: An extended version of an orgy scene. It was all from my imagination, which made it seem pretty naïve and unimaginative once I began research on orgies. Uh … online research.

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Jamie P Walker – Artist

Jamie P Walker - Artist

Jamie P Walker - Artist 

I’m Jamie (Pavlich) Walker, an artist residing in Santa Rosa, CA. My studio is located at my home in my garage. I like this set-up and location as it provides me ample natural light and it permits me to take a break when I need to, or jump in at any time.

The world of art as my journey began at childhood. I loved painting and drawing and carried this passion through high school. In college, I took art classes but ultimately changed paths and started a career in ophthalmology. I felt having a conventional job would be more secure. Do I have regrets not getting a degree in Art? “Yes”. But, at the same time, I think it’s what pushed me to actually become an artist.

After years of working as an ophthalmic technician, I finally just quit. I realized that in this one life I have, it should be spent doing what I love. Re-entering the art world happened slowly by taking various courses and workshops while raising two children.

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Judith Cassis – Author

Judith Cassis - Author

Judith Cassis - Author of the Writer to Writer series

FJ: When did you decide to become a writer?

Judith: I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. I began with poetry and wrote my first story at the age of 11. In high school, I took every English class offered and in my senior year I asked my English teacher if she would support me in an independent study so I could write a book. She agreed and I did. Never published it.

FJ: You’re a ghostwriter. What exactly is that?

Judith: In my case, ghostwriting encompasses everything from working with what my clients have and expanding upon it, to taking an idea and writing a whole book.

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Sally Van Swearingen – Author

Sally Van Swearingen - Author

Sally Van Swearingen – Author of It’s Not Over Yet!

FJ: When did you decide to become a writer?

Sally: As far as writing my book? I had written many skincare and makeup articles for magazines and other publications but didn’t decide to write “It’s Not Over Yet!” until I went to a Rockstar marketing class, where we were all encouraged to write our story. It was supposed to be only 100 pages I went overboard, Mine is 260 pages, color, and it made it to Barnes and Noble!

FJ: What brought you to write this book?

Sally: As I share at the beginning of my book, I had a baby at 42 and felt that I had lost my “Beauty Power.” I eventually rediscovered it in a new, authentic way, and I wanted to share my process with ladies who experienced the same thing but didn’t know where to begin.

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