Jamie P Walker - Artist

JP Walker - Artist

I  use found papers from recycled magazines, newspapers, maps and labels to create a solid subject. The challenge is to add little nuances for the viewer to discover when moving in closer to the artwork. Many collectors have told me that they find new little pieces each time they look at their collage, and that is my goal. It keeps them engaged and interested in the art they have selected.

I often ask myself, 'What led me to this particular medium?' I remember as a child, I was fascinated by cool papers, stationery, stencils, embossed cards and unique text. I even worked in a printing office for awhile.  I'm drawn to the story of Steve Jobs and his love of calligraphy, which ultimately led us to all the wonderful fonts on our computers (and in magazines!) I also enjoy the 'Where's Waldo' task of finding objects in a cluttered space.

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"Heart" Marilyn

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Featured Artist

I'm AmyKate. I am an artist, a mother, a friend, and a passionate snuggle to my two beautiful children.

But what is more significant than that is that I have been on a vigorous path to my authenticity for as long as I can remember. All of my art is about recovery and unleashing authenticity. Every time I create a new painting, I learn a little more about myself. My art is authentically me. 

I love to paint and draw fairies, butterflies, fairy wings, and flowers. The quotes on my paintings are me speaking to myself as well as the owner of my art…speaking my own truth and hoping that the art’s owner and I are made to feel a little less alone that particular day. Who’s the AUTHENTIC you??

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I Feel, I Feel, I Feel

Peace, Love, Authenticity

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