Guinevere Eleanor, Baker - Cupcakes CafeFJ: When did you decide on becoming an entrepreneur?
Guinevere: For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be my own boss.  It became a very strong want about10 years ago.

FJ: How did that decision come about?
Guinevere: I had tried several “Do From Home” businesses over the years but hated having to call upon friends and family to host a party and realized I loved baking and friends and family began asking me to bake for them.  I was laid off from a job and my husband and I decided it was as good a time as any to start my home bakery.

FJ: What is the most interesting discovery you’ve made as an entrepreneur?
Guinevere: You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Get involved with your community, give back.

FJ: What are you trying to achieve, what’s your ultimate goal?
Guinevere: I am just weeks away from opening the bakery café. This has been my dream for about 7 years now.  I hope to be able to have a staff of at least 1 full-time and 2 part-time employees within 6 months of being open.

FJ: Why do you create? What need does it satisfy?
Guinevere: I love baking. I love seeing those who receive my baked goods smile and enjoy it.  I get to be creative and it tastes good.

FJ: What challenges have you encountered?
Guinevere: Dealing with Kern County for permitting and getting contractors to actually show up. I am also my worst critic. I always worry my product isn’t good enough.

FJ: What is the next step for your business?
Guinevere: Opening the doors on April 9.

FJ: Do you have any advice to give others starting a business?
Guinevere: Make sure you have a solid business plan. Also, if you can do it without getting loans, do it.  The biggest blessing of starting this adventure is doing it debt-free.

FJ: Who inspires or influences you?
Guinevere: My kids telling me how proud they are of me for following my dreams is my biggest inspiration.

FJ: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Guinevere: Come see me at 3408 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Park – CupCake’s Café. I am also on Facebook and Instagram. But I am not the best at posting, so that is the challenge I am giving myself, to post more.

FJ: Any last thoughts for our Fat Jack’s readers
Guinevere: Follow your dreams. It helps make for a much sweeter life!

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