Let's Brew a Delicious Coffee with a French Press

French Press Coffee

- Thoroughly clean your French press. Old grounds dried in the mesh filter will give your new batch of coffee a bitter taste.

-Starting with whole beans and grinding with a burr grinder just before you brew. Grinding too soon you'll lose the that wonderful aroma and delicious flavor.

- Use a scale it for an easier brew, it takes eliminates all the guesswork.

Let's Brew a Delicious Coffee with a French Press

- First heat water to 205 degrees bring to a boil and let sit for 30 seconds.

- Fill French press a-quarter full with hot water and press plunger completely down. Swirl hot water around for 10 second in the French press, pull the plunger up remove the lid, and rinse water.

- Weigh out beans and coarsely grind.

- Pour half of the hot water over grounds (the bloom). Hot water forces ground coffee to release gases, which leads to the expansion of the coffee and the amazing aromas. Start the timer when finished pouring hot water.

- When the timer hits 30 seconds, stir lightly stir the coffee for 5 seconds to break up crust and mix grounds evenly with water.

- Pour remaining hot water over the coffee. Place lid on press with the plunger up. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.

- Slowly press the plunger down to separate grounds from the coffee. Drink coffee immediately - sitting too long in press and it will become bitter.

Time to enjoy!

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