Stuck At Home, What To Do, What To Do??

Stuck At Home, What To Do, What To Do??

Well, here we are, depending on where you live, stuck in the house. With the Covid-19 virus burning through the American public and the whole world at large, we find ourselves in a situation of self-isolation. We may be looking a the new normal for the next month or many months, which brings about many issues. The first is loneliness; the second is frustration; the third is impatience to get our lives back the way we knew them. There is no need to mention, fear, or anxiety, which goes without saying.

Stuck At Home, What To Do, What To Do??

So, what do we do? How do we manage? We can’t work, we can’t shop, we can’t socialize. We can stay in sweats all day and watch movie marathons, surf the web, and gather more and more information on the virus, both fact, and fiction. OR we can make good use of the internet by educating ourselves through videos about topics of interest. The sort of web education we never had time for in our busy lives of work and home, and now we just have home.

Many entertainment artists are putting on live living room concerts for our viewing pleasure. YouTube provides us with a plethora of opportunities to learn to do new things, from writing poetry to underwater basket weaving and everything else in between. There is no need ever to be bored. I am not talking about projects requiring trips to the store to buy all the ingredients for the project. But many simply are generated by everyday items in your home or are just interesting to know about for later, when life returns to normal, whatever that may turn out to be. Then there are the mind-blowing podcasts that people are producing. Pick a topic and go looking.

Fat Jack’s has a wide variety of exciting things to learn about on the website. As we become ever more reluctant to go out to the store for staples like coffee and tea, buying online such essentials with delivery instead of running out to the store is safe and convenient. Finding interesting information about a variety of people through their interview articles is hugely entertaining. Reading through the posted articles on different things such as COFFEE 101, everything you ever didn’t know about coffee or TEA. Articles such as this are much more diverse. And then there are Fat Jack’s Treasures, a host of unique cottage industry products that are both artistic and unique.

I think the currently imposed self-isolation will boost efforts to buy online, and at the end of this extraordinary time in history, buying habits will be changed forever. True, more and more people were buying online just in general, but I think we will see a significant shift both during our Covid-19 period and beyond. Unfortunately, many brick and mortar small businesses will not survive this, but many of these will make the switch to online merchandising. Swapping out paying rent for a dynamic, catchy website and marketing.

Stay well, everyone, stay home, and if you need to buy something, avoid the lines and empty shelves at the grocery store by buying online. Check out Fat Jack’s for excellent coffee, tea, rum cakes, gifts, and information

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